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Death’s Pale Flag

Video Interview With John A. Daly of BQB Publishing

Yes, that is the inside of my house — a log cabin in the mountains of North Carolina.

Audio Interview With Don McCauley of The Authors Show

From Armed With a Book (Including Book Excerpt)

What inspired you to write this book?

Several things. 

I wanted to give the reader an immersive peek behind the curtain of modern high-end medical/neruosurgical care. And please note, there is no hyperbole in the medical/surgical passages – I wrote them as they truly take place. I wanted the reader to better understand what can and cannot be done for a number of dire brain conditions. I wanted the reader to feel the tension, the joy, and the sorrow of trying to care for the very sickest of some very sick patients. I also wanted them to understand that the physicians (and all the healthcare workers, for that matter) are very human, and are vulnerable to constant exposure to human suffering, death, and tragedy. I wanted people to appreciate the bravery, and resilience, and shear of patients and families dealing with devastating diseases and injuries that can only be witnessed behind the scenes in hospital ICU’s, E.R.’s, and operating rooms… 

From Literary Titan

Ryan Brenan is an intriguing and well-developed character. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

I wanted to portray a decent, conscientious, “normal” guy (who happens to have a knack for his craft) who must exist in the relentless, hyper-critical, hyper-intense world of a high-level modern medical center.”

From Armed With a Book (Author Interview)

Gary R Simonds – On Life of a Neurosurgeon

What’s your favorite part of the job?

“Oh, many things. I loved trying to help people at some of the most desperate points in their lives. I loved helping patients and their families deal emotionally with their situations. I loved the intellectual challenge of figuring things out in terms of what was going wrong for the patients. I loved the collegiality with everyone on the healthcare team. I loved the fact that you were ALWAYS improving in what you were doing…”

Burnout and Resilience

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From Neural Networking

Dr. Gary Simonds the Multitalented Brain Surgeon

From Neural Networking (Round 2)

Experiencing Malpractice and Death as a Physician – with Neurosurgeon Dr. Gary Simonds

From Onco’Zine

Celebrate Being a Holiday Hero—How to Build Your Resilience Despite Working Holidays in Oncology


From The Good Men Project

In the Throes of COVID Burnout, What Can We Learn From Healthcare’s Thrivers?

Some people don’t just survive life’s storms, they come out stronger. Drs. Wayne M. Sotile and Gary R. Simonds have studied what sets them apart from those who can’t cope. Here are a few of their resilience secrets.

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Ms. Career Girl

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Accepting “Good Enough”: Cultivating Self-Compassion as an ECP


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Becker’s Healthcare Podcast

Scott Becker Interviews Dr. Gary Simonds, Professor at Virginia Tech School of Neuroscience and Author of “The Thriving Physician” and “Thriving in Healthcare”

MedMastery Online Continuing Medical Education Company

Gary R. Simonds – Why I Love to Teach