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Playing With Fire??

So, on a lark, I gave Chat GPT some of the elements of my upcoming novel, Death’s Pale Flag and asked it to create a short story (and the picture above). I have to say – not bad. Not as good as mine. But not bad. That it can do this so easily is almost more scary than the book! Here it is:

Dr. Jameson was one of the most skilled and respected brain surgeons in the country. He had performed countless successful surgeries and was known for his precision and expertise. However, he began to experience strange occurrences that he couldn’t explain.

It started with small things, like feeling a cold breeze in the operating room or hearing faint whispers in his ear. At first, he dismissed it as his imagination or the stress of his job getting to him. But as the days went by, the encounters became more frequent and intense.

One night, as Dr. Jameson was preparing for bed, he saw a figure standing in the corner of his room. It was a woman with long, flowing hair and a white gown. Dr. Jameson was frozen in fear, unable to move or speak. The woman simply stared at him before disappearing into thin air.

From that moment on, Dr. Jameson was haunted by ghosts. They appeared to him in his dreams, in the hospital, and even at home. He couldn’t escape them no matter how hard he tried. He began to question his own sanity and wondered if he was losing his mind.

One day, while performing surgery, Dr. Jameson saw a ghostly figure hovering over the patient. He was so distracted that he accidentally made a mistake, causing the patient to go into cardiac arrest. The patient was rushed to the ICU, and despite Dr. Jameson’s best efforts, he was unable to save him.

The incident shook Dr. Jameson to his core. He knew he couldn’t continue his work as a brain surgeon if he was seeing ghosts. He sought help from a therapist who diagnosed him with post-traumatic stress disorder. Dr. Jameson realized that he had been suppressing traumatic memories from his past, and they were now manifesting in the form of ghosts.

With therapy and medication, Dr. Jameson was able to overcome his PTSD and put an end to the ghostly encounters. He retired from surgery and now spends his time helping other doctors cope with stress and mental health issues. Dr. Jameson learned that it’s essential to take care of your mental health, no matter how busy your schedule may be.


American Journal of Osteopathic Neurological Surgery

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